Warlock Pinchers Interview

Originally printed in Spinal Jaundice #5 – 1988


Interview with guitar player 3 Kord Scissor King.


MJ: What happened to Minus Bill?
3KSK: We played a couple of times, and it didn’t seem to work as well as it used to. I don’t know…but it’s not like Warlock Pinchers came from Minus Bill or anything. It’s just like I was doing both at the same time. It just became a lot more feasible to do WP I guess. Just easier practice and more fun at shows, just overall.

MJ: What other bands besides are you involved in?

3KSK: Well there’s Treble King which is me. But right now I’m not really doing anything else. I kind of put off some of the things I was working on…I still do all the compilations and stuff that I was doing. And just running My Tongue Records, which is what I do right now.

MJ: What other local acts do you like?
3KSK: I like Smedley’s Van a lot. Human Head Transplant. When Steel Pole Bath Tub was here they were one of my favorite bands. We used to play with them a lot. We’re probably going to play with them in Phoenix in like a month or so. But they are one of my favorites.

MJ: So does WP play a lot?
3KSK: Yeah, off and on. You kind of get the lag going sometimes, but like right now we’re going to be playing a lot. We may do Fort Collins soon, and The Grove, Kansas City on the 29th, Omaha on the 30th, and maybe some further Grove shows in August, and maybe Salt Lake City and Phoenix in August. That’s basically what’s going on as far as I know. We’re trying to get a van together and stuff so we can tour.

MJ: Could you shed some light on a “Warlock Pincher?”

3KSK: Oh, it came from The Cobbler. It’s this guy…and he said that the ultimate heavy metal band name would be Warlock Pinchers. So we just ripped the name off from him. He’s our guru.

MJ: Do you have some LPs out, or plan to?
3KSK: Uh, no we just have the EP right now. The album is coming out like a month and a half, most likely.

MJ: What’s that going to be called?
3KSK: Well right now it might be “Pinch a Loaf” (laughs) but it’s undecided. There’s been lots of names. We’re not sure, but like My Tongue Records is putting that out. Basically I’m putting it out.

MJ: Would you guys like to eventually be on SST Records?

3KSK: I don’t know but I guess if they asked us. I don’t really expect them to seeing as how we hate the Grateful Dead a lot. Which I can’t see happening a lot because I don’t think we fit with half those bands on there. I like some of the bands like Sonic Youth and Firehose, but I think they have a lot of lame stuff. Slovenly’s pretty great though. I like Slovenly a lot. That’s one of the better bands on there. But I mean I guess if they came up and asked us I’m sure we’d say yeah.

MJ: Yes, it just seems that they are the icons around now. But what types of folks usually come to your shows?
3KSK: It’s real weird. Like tons of different people. I mean ‘cause it’s not really a set type of music. It’s kinda weird. I don’t know…we get the junior rads, just all sorts of people. Even kind of like heavy metal people!

MJ: Would you consider yourselves heavy metal in the least?
3KSK: Uh, no I’d say metal-rap maybe. I don’t know…I’ll just say I prefer to be a noise rap band though. I wouldn’t really want to compare it to anything, but that’s kind of what I think it is…noise rap. Lots of things going on.

MJ: Do you read Westword? (local weekly attempt at arty newsprint)
3KSK: Only because it’s free. If I had to pay for it I probably wouldn’t. I guess that has the tendency to be a good magazine, it’s just too bad it’s lame. Too bad it’s being monopolized by stuff like Dick & The Chicks. It’s kind of B.S.


MJ: Or Jinx Jones.
3KSK: Yeah, all that…garbage. I guess I have about one ounce of respect for them. Except for their comics. Those are really great.

MJ: Do you ever find yourself listening to the radio?
3KSK: When I’m at work, yes. I’m pretty much forced to I guess. It’s just there but I’m not concerned about it.

MJ: Are there any bands that you would compare yourselves to?

3KSK: I wouldn’t really compare, because they usually play better than we do.

MJ: Do you think the city map is a good source for song ideas?
3KSK: Do you think so?

MJ: Maybe with surrealist motivation it could be.
3KSK: I think pure hatred is a good motivation. Hate with a capital H.

MJ: Do you guys like to drink?
3KSK: Not me but I wouldn’t say the rest don’t. That would be pretty untrue…so I would not say that they don’t.

MJ: What should this question be right here?
3KSK: I don’t know any. I have no idea…anybody who wants to send us money? Yeah, I would like them to send us money.

MJ: Do you think Denver is pretty responsive to what you guys are doing?
3KSK: Yeah, certain people are. I wouldn’t say Denver as a city is, but yeah…it’s hard to tell what people think. Because I honestly don’t know what their deal is. But as far as I know, I know people buy our single. I don’t know…maybe they go home and burn it or something. I’m not quite sure what they go do with it.

MJ: It’s probably good not to be too concerned I think.
3KSK: I’m glad I’m not. I’d probably spend most of my time worrying…