James Wheaton Interview

Originally printed in Spinal Jaundice #1 – 1987


La Sombra De Dios is a unique and enjoyable Denver punk band. LSDD is fronted by James Wheaton, who this interview was conducted with.

MJ: Tell us about La Sombra De Dios.
JW: La Sombra De Dios was formed on the 12th of December in 1986. The English translation of the name is something like The Shadow of God. The lineup is James Wheaton – guitar, Bill Van Meter – lead vocals, John Nichols – bass, and Mike Kim – drums. A couple of times we have tried to take the suggestions of some people and get a new singer, but Bill always wins out. We’ve all been in other bands before this one. John was in The Contortions, and maybe a few untraceable acts. I have been in bands called Scum Noise, Slaughter, Flyhead, and The 4 Phlegms. Bill has been in The Zeros, The Carpet of Death, Virus X , and Jimi and the Flaming Desirables. Oh yes, me and John were in the 4 Phlegms together. Mike finally told me that he was in one called The 3 Seasons. We play with some of the shittiest equipment in the world, Except for John, who is rich. Nobody has jobs, so it’s tough or impossible to upgrade our stuff. It’s a drag. Mike’s father is the famous Karate movie star, Bobby Kim. He’s been in “The Manchurian Avenger” and a lot of others. However, Mike’s a puss. So is John, and even Bill. I guess I’m the toughest guy in the band. That’s why I’m the boss. I’m the total creative force behind it all. Without me, these guys ain’t shit. I do and think of everything. They can’t think of anything original. I write all the cool songs, and I let them take care of the stupid ones. They do a good job of it, too. I rule. I rule. I am James Wheaton. All of our songs have back-masking in them. If you listen to any of it just once, you’ll probably kill your parents or yourself. We’re into Satan. We are kids in Satan’s service. Sometimes we trip and go to the zoo and talk with the lions and baboons because they are also servants of the dark lord. Just kidding man. Actually, we all worship Pan and Artemas. We have one tape out right now. It’s called “Enter This Place.” It has such hits as “Neat Black Hair,” “Blood Red Candy,” “The Flesh” and “Moral Decay.” You can order it from Dorman Utopia. If you like it, you can get our live tape, “LSDD Live” or “Living Saints.” I forgot which one is the name. The packaging of our tapes is really swell, but if you buy a tape and it gets fucked up, send it back for a refund. That’s all for now so, keep all your parts on until next time my friend.