GG Allin Interview

Originally printed in Spinal Jaundice #1 - 1987


GG Allin is probably the most infamous performer around today. His violent and grotesque stage presence only contributes to the notoriety he’s achieved. His music deals with non-conformity, drug use and his unaccepted lifestyle.

MJ: How do you go about recording your material?
GG: Find a bunch of fuckin sleazy bastards + a fuckin dive. Get fuckin drunk + fucked up and turn everything up till we bleed and put it out.

MJ: Any plans for future releases?
GG: I just signed with Homestead Records in NYC so a fuckin LP will be out in July. A few cuts will be: “Swank Fuckin” and “Bloody Mary’s Bleeding Cunt,” “I’m a Rapist,” “Teenage Twats” and more sick shit from the gutter.

MJ: Which backing bands have you been with? 
GG: Scumfucs, Cedar St. Sluts, Texas Nazis, Freak Show and anyone else who fuckin stinks.

MJ: Any upcoming touring plans?
GG: I’ll be touring all fuckin summer if I can find enough clubs to book me, and enough booze + blood to keep me going.

MJ: Why so many changes in backing bands?
GG: Nobody wants to fuckin play with me. It’s a dangerous fuckin job up there. You never know when you’ll fuckin kill or be killed. Lots of blood, shit, piss, destruction, and ugliness. I don’t fuckin care cause I wanna die on stage.

MJ: When did you first approach doing music?
GG: I don’t think I ever fuckin approached doing music.

MJ: Are there any memorable concert incidents?

GG: Jail cells, hospitals + fighting are on the top of the list. And raping young cunts.

MJ: Have you ever considered touring with the Village People or Til Tuesday?
GG: Only if Aimee Mann will fuckin gimme her fuckin dirty panties to suck on after the show so I can suck her cunt juice + beat my dick. Then I’ll piss in her mouth. The cunt.

MJ: What are some fave zines, if any?
GG: I ain’t got time to read. I’m too busy drinking + shit. But I’ll look at anything if it’s fuckin free.

MJ: What type of music are you mostly interested in?
GG: Scum, trash, rot, sewer slime, shit.

MJ: Have you ever woken up and seen a goat vomiting?
GG: Not yet but I can do a good job vomiting blood and shitting blood quite often.

MJ: Any closing comments?
GG: Not a fuckin thing.