Black Cabbage Interview

Originally printed in Spinal Jaundice #1 Ė 1987.


I suppose I should say something positive about Cabbage since I am in it, but I think you should read for yourself because no one attends auctions that do not exist. This interview was conducted by a friend, Pat Draper, with Jason Isaacs, the vocalist. (note: shortly after this interview, the bandís name became Black Cab-Age and then Guns That Own Men).

PD: How long has Black Cabbage been together?
JI: Almost two years.

PD: Where do you usually have shows?
JI: We donít usually have shows.

PD: Will any shows be coming up in the near future?
JI: No, but we are trying to get something together with another band.

PD: Where can people buy your material?
JI: Locally from Wax Trax, and our split tape with GG Allin will be sold through Toxic Shock and whoever else.

PD: What provoked you guys to be a band?

JI: We were fucking around. We just decided to make a band.

PD: Will Black Cabbage go on the road?

JI: I am deodorant.

PD: Where would you guys like to play?
JI: We donít care.

PD: Is any of Cabbageís stuff going to be put on vinyl?
JI: I donít know. Weíre hoping to someday.

PD: Do you guys have any mottos or sayings?
JI: Tom.

PD: Are there any other bands BC would like to be in a show with?
JI: Flux or the Butthole Surfers would have been cool.

PD: Has Black Cabbage tried to get a record company?
JI: No, we formed a distribution label called Dormant Utopia.

PD: What kind of music would you say that you play?
JI: We are just experimenting for now.

PD: What does BC think of Denverís prevailing punk scene?
JI: I donít care about it. Thereís too many assholes for me to want to get involved.

PD: Do you have any logos?
JI: Lal.