B.G.K. Interview

Originally printed in Spinal Jaundice #1 – 1987


Balthasar Gerards Kommando is an excellent hardcore band from Holland. For merchandise information, you can write to: Alternative Tentacles Records, P.O. Box 11458, San Francisco, CA 91769.

MJ: Who is in B.G.K. nowadays?
B.G.K.: Our singer quit, and we’re trying to replace him but Tony plays guitar, Marcel plays Drums, Mathijs plays bass.

MJ: How did the U.S. tour go, and the Colorado show? Were there any fights?
B.G.K.: Colorado was a really fun show. There was one minor fight between two girls and I don’t even remember what about. But aside from that it went smoothly.

MJ: Where else have you been touring?
B.G.K.: Several places. Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Yugoslavia, Italy to name some.

MJ: What releases do you have out?
B.G.K.: “Nothing Can Go Wrogn” is the only one still available. Our first album “Jonestown Aloha” (possibly the best hardcore album of all time - MJ) and an 8-song 7” record, “White Male Dumbinance” are no longer available.

MJ:  Any more upcoming recording/touring plans?
B.G.K.: No, not right now. Since the absence of our singer, it’s really hard to talk about what lies ahead of B.G.K..

MJ: Do you find it difficult to go on a tour, especially internationally?
B.G.K.: It’s not so difficult. Of course it takes a lot of effort and work, but it hasn’t been that hard. We’ve been fortunate.

MJ: What were some favorite shows from your last tour?
B.G.K.: Well, Denver was definitely a good one. We also liked the one in Salt Lake City. San Francisco was a good show also.

MJ: What is the scene like in Holland?
B.G.K.: It’s different than every place. Not too many people show up at unknown band concerts. The only time you get a good turnout is when a more well known band plays. It’s hard to book shows too.

MJ: How did you hook up with Alternative Tentacles record label in San Francisco?
B.G.K.: We knew some people there from our first tour, and after that we just kept in touch. We asked them if they would be interested in licensing our stuff, and selling it, and they did.

MJ: Are there any other bands you would like to collaborate with, tour or otherwise?
B.G.K.: Well, we’ve booked shows for Artless when they came here, and we plan to do some stuff for The Rhythm Pigs when they get over here. As far as a collaboration, there’s not that many bands we admire enough to do it. Of course we like the things other bands are doing, but there’s not any in particular that we would like to collaborate with.